Residential and commercial real estate professionals face unique challenges when it comes to choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) system.  The real estate professional needs to manage their contacts, prospects and customers efficiently. Zoho CRM provides Centralised database management to share/view customer information, review historic email and phone communications and record relevant notes, Campaign & Communication to segment and Send  relevant communication to all contacts and leads,  Opportunity Management to track the pipeline of potential leads and Document Management  to add notes, or even attach documents to your contacts in the system.

Zoho CRM can be easily customised to fit your property business requirements. Whether you are broker, developer, building management company or a real estate company, Zoho CRM can make the running of your business easier and ultimately more profitable.


Recruitment Software  consisting of an Applicant Tracking System,CRM and a recruitment database, helps you achieve the maximum number of placements by transforming your recruitment database into an engagement engine. It helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments track their job openings, resumes, candidates, clients and contacts - quickly and efficiently. 

Zoho Recruit for Staffing Agencies and Independant Recruiters is one of the most easy to use online Recruitment Software that offers value for money compared to other Online Recruitment Softwares.

  • Gives 360-degree view of your clients,contacts,candidates and requisitions
  • Post Job Openings; Track Interviews & Events
  • Source & Reach Candidates; Resume Management; Resume Parsing
  • Search - Wildcard, Boolean, Combination Search & Exact Search
  • Cutsomized Workflow


CRM for retail industry can be implemented as standalone systems to track customer information or as part of an integrated suite of modules for point of sale (POS) and inventory control.  A strong CRM system will benefit organizations by improving Efficiency, Customer Retention, Increased Brand Awareness and Increased Margins.

Zoho CRM  for retail help businesses track customer contact information, past purchases, items of future interest, customer issues, customer satisfaction surveys, customer socialmedia interactions and more. Having these information, empowers retailers to grow profits by doing more business with their existing customer bases.

Zoho Social manages all your social media presence across multiple social networks. It allows you to Create and Publish content for social networks right away or schedule posts for later. Brand Mentions keep track of what people are saying and Sentiment Analysis allows you to  track positive and negative sentiment across your posts, mentions, search results and comments.


    A CRM defined for eCommerce have the power to harness your customer data, so that you can gain insight into customer behaviour, social experience and purchasing habits - which gives your website the power to improve your offerings and increase your sales.

    Zoho Inventory enables complete sales cycle management features by integrating online inventory management features, such as Products, Price Books, Vendors, Orders, and Invoices with the Sales related functions.  It  adds more selling channels by integrating with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify and integartion with major shipping services allows you get real-time shipping rates and latest in-transit information.

    Sales IQ  allows you to track your website visitors and engage with them online. See where your visitors are from and how they navigate your website in order to engage with them proactively. Convert the website visitors to leads and customers directly and your CRM data into actionable insights.